How to identify the right fabric for your Corporate TShirts

It very important to understand the purpose for which you are making or customiing this T-Shirt.You will be giving these TShirts to your staff, your marketing guys or to your ground staff or for promotion. All these applications are for different purpose. You cannot choose the same fabric for all these applications. Hence diffrent fabrics has to be used since durability is important.

When you brand your T-Shirt you always expect it to last for some time. Hence budget should be your second priority. Not that you have to spend more, just look for cost effective solution rather than compromising quality in the name of cheap material. So deciding the fabric should be the first priority.

We have different fabrics for different purposes. Do you know cotton cannot be given to a marketing guy so you will have to give a different fabric which can endure for a longer time. Even for promotions durability is very important. If it is not just a one day event, they may wear it continuously so brand promotion continuously happens. Keeping this in mind the purpose is very important to decide on your fabric, then comes the T-Shirt.

We have many different variety of fabrics to suit your needs. Coral Reef Cottons have expertise and can give you suggestions on these.

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